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(Detailed Program will be available closer to the conference dates)

Industry Keynotes

  • The RF Engine for the 21st Century

  • Gallium Nitride and Silicon Carbide: Fight For Green Tech Communication

  • Moving to Frequencies Above 100GHz: On the Road to 6G

  • Past, Present and Future of Wireless Networks

  • Google Quantum AI: Integrated Circuits (ICs) for Quantum Technologies

  • Building Phased Arrays: 5G, SATCOM and Autonomous Vehicles

  • Embedded, Trustworthy AI Test Challenges

  • GaN on SiC Power Amplifiers providing SWAP-C Benefits for 5G, Satellite Communications, Aerospace and Defense Applications

  • Unleashing power-beaming technology today

Masterclass Sessions

  • High Efficiency GaN Power Amplifier Design
  • GaN MMIC Power Amplifier for Next Gen Technologies
  • RF Transistor Modeling : From Device to Systems
  • Joint Workshop on Quantum Computing & Technologies (MTT-S and SSCS)
  • RFICs for 6G Technologies
  • RF/THz Metasurfaces and Sensing

Industry Hands on

  • Transistor to Module : Advanced Design Techniques for Next Gen Circuits

  • Broadband Matching Synthesis for RF & MMIC Circuits

  • Load Pull Techniques from MHz to THz

  • Encrypted 3D Components for Full Fidelity RF, Antennas and Signal Integrity Simulations, Ansys

  • Tackling the Base Station Challenges: Radio Architectures and Enabling Technologies

  • RF modules for embedded measurements in Industrial/Medical/Agricultural applications

  • Novel Techniques and Capabilities in LTCC Passive Component Design

Research & Academic Opportunities from MHz to THz

Join esteemed professors from the USA, Canada, Switzerland, and Sweden to delve into the potential future prospects in research and higher education. Discover advanced R&D career paths, scholarship opportunities, and the building blocks for a future in RF, circuits, systems, and cutting-edge technologies. Engage in discussions that pave the way for a promising future in these dynamic fields.

Startup Initiative

Join experts from funding agencies, VC funds, and startups in the field of microwaves for a comprehensive exploration of the ecosystem. Gain insights into the entire journey from idea inception to product development. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to immerse yourself in discussions that encompass the full spectrum of the microwaves landscape.

Explore the latest advancements in microwave technology, discuss cutting-edge research, and foster invaluable networking opportunities.

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