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Introducing the World Microwave Conference (WMC)

Welcome to the World Microwave Congress (WMC), the premier live virtual conference experience for the RF, Microwave, THz, and Wireless ecosystem! Whether you’re a passionate graduate student, an IC designer, a technology provider, a vendor, or an industry enthusiast, WMC is your gateway to the future of technology.

The primary objective of WMC is to ensure the widest possible access to valuable technical content for individuals who may face challenges attending prominent events such as IMS or EUMW due to visa restrictions or prohibitive travel costs. The virtual conference is scheduled for May 2-5, 2024, and will span four days, providing an extensive platform for knowledge exchange and professional development.

Exceptional Content and Collaboration

We are committed to delivering exceptional content. In collaboration with the Technical Program Committee, we will be able to showcase outstanding papers and workshops previously presented at IMS and EUMW, including award-winning contributions that have garnered recognition and acclaim.

Invitation to Companies

We are pleased to invite companies to participate actively by presenting workshops and demonstrations. This online conference does not focus solely on research articles; it welcomes commercial content as well. Consider this event a cost-effective and knowledge-enriching webinar, providing a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with a global audience.

Companies willing to participate will have the distinction of being named Patrons of the conference and will be allowed to engage in workshops at a minimal cost of $500.

Affordable and Inclusive Participation

We are proud to offer a remarkably low cost for participation, with registration fees set at $25 for IEEE members and $50 for non-members. This pricing structure is designed to make our conference as inclusive as possible, ensuring that knowledge knows no financial boundaries.

Get Involved

If you require any further information or have specific inquiries regarding this unique opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact me. Your engagement and participation would be greatly valued as we create an inclusive and knowledge-rich event that transcends geographical boundaries.

Explore the latest advancements in microwave technology, discuss cutting-edge research, and foster invaluable networking opportunities.

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